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2010 Georgia Code


§ 10-1-641 - Dealer's predelivery preparation, warranty service, and recall work obligations to be provided in writing; recovery of costs

O.C.G.A. 10-1-641 (2010)
10-1-641. Dealer's predelivery preparation, warranty service, and recall work obligations to be provided in writing; recovery of costs

(a) (1) Each distributor, manufacturer, or warrantor:

(A) Shall specify in writing to each of its dealers in this state the dealer's obligations for predelivery preparation including the repair of damages incurred in the transportation of vehicles as set forth in Code Section 10-1-642, recall work, and warranty service on its products;

(B) Shall compensate the dealer for such work and service required of the dealer by the distributor, manufacturer, or warrantor;

(C) Shall provide the dealer with a schedule of compensation to be paid such dealer for parts, work, and service in connection therewith; and

(D) Shall provide the dealer with a schedule of the time allowance for the performance of such work and service. Any such schedule of compensation shall include reasonable compensation for diagnostic work, repair service, and labor. Time allowances for the diagnosis and performance of such work and service shall be reasonable and adequate for the work to be performed.

(2) In the determination of what constitutes reasonable compensation for parts reimbursement and labor rates under this Code section, the principal factors to be considered shall be the retail price paid to dealers for parts and the prevailing hourly labor rates paid to dealers doing the repair, work, or service and to other dealers in the community in which the dealer doing the repair, work, or service is doing business for the same or similar repair, work, or service. However, in no event shall parts reimbursement paid to the dealer be less than the retail price for such parts being paid to such dealer by nonwarranty customers for nonwarranty parts replacement, and in no event shall the hourly labor rate paid to a dealer for such warranty repair, work, or service be less than the rate charged by such dealer for like repair, work, or service to nonwarranty customers for nonwarranty repair, work, or service.

(b) Manufacturers and distributors shall include in written notices of factory recalls to new motor vehicle owners and dealers the expected date by which necessary parts and equipment will be available to dealers for the correction of such defects. Manufacturers and distributors shall compensate any dealers in this state for repairs affected by all recalls.

(c) All such claims shall be either approved or disapproved within 30 days after their receipt on forms and in the manner specified by the manufacturer, distributor, or warrantor, and any claim not specifically disapproved in writing within 30 days after the receipt shall be construed to be approved and payment must follow within 30 days.

(d) Subject to subsection (c) of Code Section 10-1-645, a manufacturer or distributor shall not otherwise recover its costs from dealers within this state, including an increase in the wholesale price of a vehicle or surcharge imposed on a dealer solely intended to recover the cost of reimbursing the dealer for parts and labor pursuant to this Code section, provided that a manufacturer or distributor shall not be prohibited from increasing prices for vehicles or parts in the normal course of business.

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